Who we are

Agric Dairy is a global producer and supplier of dairy ingredients, with huge supply ability worldwide.

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With a deep understanding of the ever-changing marketplace, our goal is to support food and beverage manufacturers through an array of solutions designed to address the challenges raised by various applications ranging from chocolate, fresh dairy, cheese and ice cream to baked goods and confectionery. We offer a complete product range supporting nutrition at each stage of life and covering all dairy categories: whey and milk powders, dairy proteins, milk fats and cheeses.

Agric Dairy is one of the fastest. growing dairy companies and contributes to the shared vision of bringing the best of dairy to the greatest number of consumers globally, adapting to the local and cultural specificities of each region along the way.

Throughout our rich history, Agric Dairy has always stayed true to its roots, building a corporate strategy respectful of people and the environment. As a group we strive to promote knowledge and excellence through our three core values: Ambition, Commitment, with Simplicity.

Today, Agric Dairy is a reliable supplier of Dairy Products.

Key figures

50 staff members working to serve your needs

65% of revenues from Africa

A total of 94,000 tonnes of products distributed

One of the best leaders in butter as an ingredient

A company with an international standing: 35% of its business in export

92,487 tonnes of dairy ingredients distributed in 2019.

We deliver:

Product availability

Food and feed safety


The best total cost of ownership

Certainty of delivery

Expertise of the employees you are working with.

And last but not least: ‘nice people to work with’