Milk Protein Concentrate (MPC)

Milk Protein Concentrate (MPC)

Milk Protein Concentrate MPC is any type of concentrated milk product that contains 40-90% milk proteins, which are extracted from fresh milk by an ultra-filtration process. These concentrated milk proteins are then subjected to evaporation and spray drying. The resulting dry powder is highly sought after for both its nutritional and functional properties, which serve to enhance many finished food products. MPC contains micellar casein, whey proteins, and bio-active proteins in the same ratio found in milk.

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Typical Composition of Milk Protein Concentrate (MPC)

Protein: 50-85%, Lactose: 7-26%, Fat: 1-2.5%, Ash: 3.1-8.5%, Moisture: 4.0-5.5%. MPC must be free from Salmonella, Staphylococcus aureus, Escherichia coli and other coliforms. It must not contain more than 10 000 colony-forming units (CFU) per gram, in terms of total bacteria count, and a maximum count of 50 CFU/g for yeast and mold. The number of microorganisms capable of developing spores under aerobic conditions must not exceed 500CFU/g. Microorganisms capable of sporing under anaerobic conditions must not exceed 700 CFU/g.


Milk Protein Concentrates have a diverse range of applications: dairy-based beverages, cultured products, cheese products, weight management products, pediatric nutrition, medical nutrition (enteral foods), sports nutrition products and powdered dietary supplements. In general, MPCs provide a concentrated source of protein for nutritional value, sensory and functional properties in the final application.


20-25kg multilayer Kraft paper bags and 500-1,000 kg Big Bags. Private label and custom packaging are available upon request.

Shelf Life

24 months from the date of production.


Milk Protein Concentrates should be stored and shipped in a cool, dry environment with temperatures below 20°C and relative humidity below 65%.